A Rose, a Tornado and the Faith of a Child

Last night while praying, I was reminded of something that happened several years ago. While listening to my then six-year-old daughter praying before bed she asked God to make our roses bloom. Sweet I know, but it was February and our pretty little rose bush was sleeping. I didn’t discourage her, but thought to myself ‘she won’t remember in the morning.’
I know you expect me to share how a flower bloomed the next day, but what’s truly amazing is not the flower so much as the how and where. We have a circular driveway and I always pull forward to leave the house. On this particular morning my path was blocked. I don’t recall what it was, but I had to back up to leave. After everyone was buckled, I turned the key and looked in my side view mirror. The first thing I saw was the rose bush beside the mailbox. Centered in the reflection was one little bud that had bloomed. I would not have seen it had I pulled forward and it was not visible from the road.
I was humbled, but my lesson in faith had just begun. That year was the year of the Super Tuesday tornado outbreak. After traveling 122 miles and wiping out our little town’s business district, the whirlwind lifted a few yards from our house. What happened that night is a story in itself, but as you can imagine there was a lot of praising God going on at our house. I was reminded of the rose bush and threw that into the mix.
Three nights later, energized by the power of answered prayer my dear daughter had an even bigger request. She asked God to fill the yard with flowers. I didn’t discourage her, but I was a bit concerned because this time she would surely remember her request in the morning.
The next day was Saturday. There were still broken limbs from the tornado to clean up. We live on two acres in the woods. Most of our outdoor time is spent on the front deck where we can enjoy the garden and listen to the birds sing. The back yard is that area that has to be mowed in the summer. Our clean up led us to the back and some interesting debris. Somewhere along the tornado’s path it must have lifted a florist shop supply store. Scattered over the back yard were tiny plastic flowers. I can still see the joy on my little girl’s faces as they brought me flower after flower.
Matthew 17:20

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2015 and New Beginnings

This New Year is flying by faster than I can keep up. There are some exciting ideas in the works. My critique partners and I are plotting our third series together. The Mammoth Spring, AR series and the Warsaw, MO series are available on Amazon. Our next project will be different as instead of separate books we will share authorship of one. I work with a great group of writers and this will be fun.

Earlier this month I published The River of Gold. A prospector’s daughter picks up where he left off to find the legendary river of gold. She meets a cowboy who doesn’t think a girl should be running around the hills alone and a city dandy who wants to help her find the gold. One of the two isn’t as he seems and she’ll need some help sooner than later.

The project I’m working on now is a time travel western that as of yet does not have a title. It’s a fun story and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all my readers sometime this summer.


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Why I chose self-publishing over traditional

I have no patience. Well, that isn’t the only reason but it does factor in… a little bit.

I began writing historical fiction ten years ago when I stumbled onto a fan fiction site called The Writing Desk. Fans of The Big Valley, a western television show from the 1960’s, this group played a big part in my start as a writer. The show was one of my favorite westerns. I was surprised to find fans had kept the spirit alive by writing and sharing short stories based on the show. At that time I’d written several short stories but never shared them. Folks at the Writing Desk encouraged me to share and gave me the confidence to seriously pursue my dream of writing.

After awhile I felt like I should be doing something more for the Lord. As a young adult I’d gone to Bible College and participated in programs to reach others for Christ. As an old married woman with three kids living in the Bible belt I really wasn’t doing much to spread the Word. I believe the Lord was leading me to write for Him.

Though I’ve been to a Bible College I’m no Bible scholar. I can’t see myself writing dissertations on scripture. Then I discovered inspirational Christian fiction. Who knew there were so many authors out there sharing their faith through romances.  Women love romances!

I joined American Christian Fiction Writers and quickly learned I had a lot to learn. (still do) but the members there are so willing to help and encourage. It’s a great place for inspiring writers who want to serve God.

The road to publication is long. Unless you have an agent there are only a few publishing houses that will consider looking at your work. It’s not easy.  Dozens and dozens of queries go out, most with no response and some with very interesting ones. I will make that subject a post of its own.

I did catch an agent’s eye and had two stories sent to editors that seemed very interested, asking for revisions. After sending revisions on both books (they really were helpful and strengthened the stories) I waited months and months.  It’s acceptable to give the editor a nudge after a certain amount of time, which I did with no response. I’m only getting older here!

Two authors that I’ve grown close to during my journey to publication asked me to work with them on a trilogy. It’s been so fun to create with these two talented authors. Both self publish and do very well. 

I decided to follow in their footsteps. Just dipping my toe in the water at first I finally took the plunge. The first story that I ever wrote went up on Kindle on May 4th. It hit the number two spot on inspirational historical fiction and has stayed there, or close for over two weeks. The number of sales each day still astonishes me.Amazon-Loves Golden Quest

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My first book is #2 on Amazon!

That sounds great doesn’t it?  Actually it’s number two under historical inspirational fiction.  Still… I think it’s the cover my husband designed that’s getting all the attention.  He did a wonderful job of capturing the idea behind the wagon trail story.

Loves Golden Quest

It’s not too late to get a copy of Love’s Golden Quest on kindle. You don’t have to own a kindle to read. Kindle for PC allows you to read books on you computer or laptop. Kindle for PC

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